The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning units should be serviced at least one per year at a minimum. Getting your air conditioning unit serviced ensures it will run correctly year round and not breakdown just as you need it.

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

The biggest part of air conditioning maintenance is the cleaning or replacement of the air filters. These are essential in allowing clean filtered air into your AC unit and if they become clogged the system’s efficiency is greatly reduced. Some filters are reusable and only require a clean, whilst some need to be replaced completely.

A maintenance contract can be taken out so your air con unit gets serviced at regular intervals, usually every 12 months. If you’re in the Midlands area and need a company to service your AC unit then give air conditioning Nottingham a call.

Coded Welding Procedures and Testing

Coded welding is used in all aspects of industrial steelworks projects. This type of welding can be carried out on steelwork assembly, structural steelwork, pipeline assembly and pipework installation. A coded welder is someone who has completed an approval test conforming to a specific welding configuration. In the UK welding approval codes are done to BS EN standards. Each coded welding specification requires testing and examination to become a multi coded welder.

There are three main types of welding these are TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and MMA (Manual Metal Arc). TIG welding is often used for stainless steel tube of various diameters and wall thicknesses. MIG welding is mainly used for structural steel work and MMA welding is often used for carbon steel pipework and structural steel.

Weld Testing

To test the welds there are various methods which can be implemented. NDT Testing (Non-Destructive Test) is the most common form of testing and usually a 5% weld inspection is common. Other methods of testing include VT Testing (Visual Inspection), MT Testing (Magnetic Particle Inspection), PT Testing (Liquid Penetrant Inspection), UT Testing (Ultrasonic Inspection) and X-Ray (Radiographic Inspection).

The actual welding process can be carried out either on-site or at a workshop and then taken to the customer to be installed. Coded welding is used in many different industrial sectors throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Mobile Car Body Repair Service

Many companies to choosecar body repair

Who is the best mobile company to provide service for minor paint damages and body damage. These mobile service companies offer car body repair at the place and time when the customer wants. The technicians carry out their work in a special van and they use advanced and latest products. They mainly aim at providing quality repair at a price less than that of traditional garages. Companies provide services for dealers, and other car companies which supply cars on lease and insurance companies apart from the general public.

Who to choose

Most companies provide their services for bumper scuffs, damage of alloy wheels, any scratches on the car body parts minor paint repairs on the panels. They even work on the inside curves on rims. This mobile service can be used any time anywhere and they arrive on call or call back.  They even provide quote on request and then the customer can get the service done at their place. All they need for completing the task is electricity and a place for accessing and repairing the car.  Most companies assure best standard of repair and they guarantee great customer service, some also ensure perfect finishing providing the best prices which can be accessed over the phone.

Now to call

Mobile repair services are the best car body repair services because you need not to wait at the workshops for hours together with the fact the car will be repaired in front of them so you can see the time and quality of workmanship that has been put into the job. They provide service slots within two hours and they ensure perfection. With a car owner needing not to wait long hours at a workshop and get their repair done at their door steps.  All in all the best way to ensure a quality service is too is to get a friends recommendation.